The timeline of our lives can be divided in two.
Right in the middle, there is a day. And a decision.

We decided that, from that point on, we would do whatever necessary to make travel a bigger part of our lives. As big as possible.

Hey! What’s the way? is a project that has risen from our doubts on how to go about doing just that, as well as a desire to better answer that question every day. On HWTW, we gather and share experiences, reflections and insights on how to live through travelling, and hope we are up to the challenge of pushing our readers a bit closer to a life of more and better travel.

For us, travelling should always be less about escapism and more about real and rewarding experiences. We try to make the most of our time abroad by slowing down and experiencing the local life as closely as possible. If we come back understanding a bit better what life actually feels like in the places we’re visiting, we see it as a bonus! Level up! Flawless victory! Secret challenge unlocked!

Well, we suppose you get the idea..

If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about who we are and what led us to leave our homes and our full-time jobs to go on our first big trip — through Southeast Asia and Taiwan (13 months across 2016 and 2017) — make sure to check our Q&A posts, where we answered some questions made by our families and friends: there’s a 1st Edition and a 2nd Edition!

We answered questions