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After having spent a full month in Chiang Mai (between our three trips there, in 2016 and 2017), we finally decided to join a cooking class.
Please don’t ask us why we took so long to go for one of the easiest “quick-wins” while staying in Thailand.. we just don’t know and can get really depressed just thinking about what we would’ve missed.

Does that sound like a full (and happy!) day in the North of Thailand or what?

So yes… please remember not to have any breakfast if you take this morning class, which for us went from 9:30 to around 14:30. Those five hours will definitely leave you wondering “after all that, will I need any more food today..?”
The answer might be something like.. “well, probably not, but I’ll still go out and have dinner because Thai food is delicious and street food here is quite cheap, so…”

And remember! This won’t be the day for a Thai massage.
Let us tell you that again..

Now a foot message, is a totally different story…

On top of the great experience, you’ll bring home a very small printed cook book (a booklet, perhaps?) with all the dishes cooked in class, and also have the opportunity to earn yourself a free drink or a Thai Akha Kitchen apron, and even though the location is very central to Chiang Mai’s Old Town, they’ll arrange a songthaew to pick you up at your hotel.

More than a cooking class, go for an excellent morning with nice folks, a lot to learn on Thai people and culture and — the best of all — delicious and authentic food to eat until you drop!

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