Our Travel Expenses

Something we get asked quite a lot is “about how much would I need to save in order to travel for so-and-so number of months?”

This comes as no surprise to us, since it’s a question we asked ourselves (and the internet) a number of times while we were planning our escape from our cozy sedentary life in sunny Lisbon.

Of course, there are some issues in asking anyone but your future self about how much long-term travelling really costs. Each and every one of us has their own unique set of plans, ways of travelling, size of travel money jar, different destinations, and so on..

However, this does not mean all hope is lost on getting at least some idea of how large your money bag should be at take-off. It just means you need to look at different scenarios lived by different travellers, and then do some flexible thinking so you can adjust to your own travelling (and life) circumstances. So start flexing those brain muscles, cause we got a scenario for you.

For the above mentioned reasons, we thought some previous considerations would be in order, so you’re more aware of the circumstances of our own trip. Check them out before diving right into our big-ass table down there, so you’ll at least be able to understand how come we didn’t spend any accommodation money in 5 out of the 13 months, for instance.

All the expenses as you see below are per person. Our individual spendings weren’t that different between us, so we just took the total for us two and split it in half.

How much we spent for over 1 Year of Travel

All costs are presented as of the month they occurred, not necessarily the month the purchase was actually made (ex. plane tickets, visas, accommodation).

If you wish to check out a more detailed account of our expenses, please refer to our “How much we spent in place X” blog posts, centered in each different location.